Setting up Bikram Yoga Studios


We already know all you need to know...

As you can see throughout this web, we have been teaching in a wide variety of studios all around the globe.

We have been involved in the set up & managing process of most of them.

We know what makes the difference no matter where is you are going to set it up! ; )

  • Providing a full business plan to get a clear perspective of your business.

  • Giving a full consultancy on all equipment needed and the best providers for them.

  • We give you the best way to manage your studio for it to be at its best of efficiency in all aspects.

  • We create marketing plans, promotions.

  • We provide you with master classes, world class Yoga guests, we do Yoga retreats...

  • Design the procedures & staff tasks.

  • Help you on how to manage your social networks.

  • We have a great job bank of teachers from all over the world.

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if you wan't to do your studio 100% right

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